Zinc flake coatings of the highest quality

Process: Zinc flake coating Application: Planetary dip centrifuge


The zinc flake system, PREMIUM ZINCFLAKE SILVER, is characterised by a reliable corrosion protection for coating mass-produced goods. The system consist of a phosphate layer, required according to customer or standard specifications, several layers of a base coat (zinc flake coat), and one or more layers of an organic or inorganic top coat. PREMIUM ZINCFLAKE’s standard colours are black or silver.

Our modern centrifuge technology is particularly suited for small sized connectors and geometrically demanding articles. For connecting elements, the friction coefficient can be adjusted according to the international standards of the automotive industry.

  • Outstanding corrosion protection of > 720 hours in mechanically unloaded state in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227
  • Short coating time
  • Very well suited for complex dimensions

Layer structure

The system consists of the metallic base material (substrate), which must be pre-treated before the actual coating process, for example, by alkaline cleaning, blasting or zinc phosphating. The zinc flake layer (base coat) is between 8 and 20 µm thick. The top coat can be organic or inorganic and applied at thicknesses between 1 and 3 µm. Depending on customer requirements and specifications, several coats of base coat as well as a top coat can be applied in the desired colour. Due to the logistical linkage between two autonomously controllable coating lines, the flexibility and speed of the coating process are unprecedented.

Corrosion protection

Premium ZINCFLAKE SILVER from WHW Hillebrand meets all the usual corrosion protection requirements of the automotive industry for zinc flake layers. Due to our protection technology with a large item storage system, and most recently with robotic systems, the coating takes place under consideration of low goods handling with minimal drop heights and spillage events. So that the corrosion protection is applied where it is needed: with you and your customers.

Further flake systems

Suitable standards

BMW GS 90010
Brose BN 590295-109
DBL 9440
DBL 9441
Ford WX100 *
GMW3359 *
Jaguar STJLR.50.5052 *
Jaguar STJLR.60.5020.X100 *
Mahle WNA 2130
VDA 235-103
VDA 235-104
Volvo VCS 5737,19 *
VW TL 245