Systematic research

The specialist departments in our Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT) cover all the relevant areas of expertise for professional and modern process and product development. From the pre-treatment, through development of active baths, out to adaptive and tailor-made post-treatment systems, we can map the entire value chain in cathodic corrosion protection which allows us to develop, manufacture, store, and commission coating solutions in our in-house, highly modern chemical production facility.

As a company with 80 years of experience in surface technology we know that a functional surface can only ever be the result of functioning chemistry and a process which works. Above all, our employees are decisive for this success. They bring the right mix of scientific expertise and practical experience to develop tailor-made products for you and your customers.

And there is more

Our Analytics department and the Material Science department are capable of contributing significantly and systematically to gaining knowledge and process control both by alongside the process or even by developing the process. Online and inline analytics are further developed, optimised and monitored from here and the quality of our chemical production is maintained.

Various tests of fastening elements for functionality and other characteristics are identified, evaluated and documented.

The same applies to corrosion tests on a large variety of customer components in accordance with automotive standards and the requirements of other industries.

Our Electronics department provides sophisticated solutions and special products for our customers from the manufacturing of PCBs. With a view to new requirements for high-frequency technology in automotive applications, such as driver assistance systems, we have strategically enlarged this specialist department in our CIT.

Alongside our chemical products, we always develop tailor-made application technology in our prototyping department.

Finally, we verify and validate our processes in products at the pilot level in our technical centre.

Everything interlocks together logically. Always with a view to the needs and requirements of our customers.