Process: Zinc-nickel coating system and top coat Application: Barrel application

PREMIUM BLACK FINSH is a newly developed highly corrosion protective surface. The surface consists of an alkaline deposited zinc-nickel layer, an adapted passivation which was individually developed for this layer combination, and a black, extremely resistant, decorative top coat.

PREMIUM BLACK FINSH stands out with its very uniform layer thickness distribution and best corrosion protection for a deep black coating on mass-produced goods. With PREMIUM BLACK FINISH times of more than 240 hours in the salt spray test according to EN DIN ISO 9227 were achieved without any visual changes in connection elements as well as in stamped and bent parts.

PREMIUM BLACK FINSH also meets the highest requirements in terms of cyclic corrosion tests. Here, the required 4 cycles in accordance with VW PV1209 were achieved without any problems at all. In addition, PREMIUM BLACK FINSH meets the corrosion protection requirements of VW Tl196 for mass-produced goods.

• Highest corrosion protection • Deep black, uniform appearance • No optical changes after 240 h DIN EN ISO 9227 and 4 cycles PV1209 • Resistant to mechanical loads • High availability with any part geometry • Outstanding media resistance

Layer structure

The system is based on an alkaline-deposited zinc-nickel alloy and an innovation passivation process which conditions the zinc-nickel layer. Combined with the matching deep black top coat, the component gets a unique appearance and functional properties.

corrosion protection

The combination of two different corrosion protection mechanisms in one surface gives PREMIUM BLACK FINISH its exceptionally good anti-corrosive properties. The zinc alloy gives the system its cathodic anti-corrosion properties; the passive protection, created by the deep black top coat, ensures high resistance to optical changes. Further know-how is shown in the combination of both layers, made possible by an adapted passivation process.

Further combination layers