Superior zinc coatings with reliably corrosion protection for mass-produced goods

Process: Zinc acidic Application: Barrel application

The HIGH QUALITY ZINC zinc coating system from WHW Hillebrand is characterised by the uniform layer thickness distribution and reliable corrosion protection. The system consists of a metal coating from slightly acidic electrolytes and passivations which protect the zinc layer from white corrosion. If needed, an additional sealant is applied to the passivation which seals cracks and pores.

For different corrosion protection requirements, we offer both thick-layer and thin-layer passivation with a yellow or silver-coloured appearance. The sealants developed by us are tailored to the respective passivation systems, sustainably improve the corrosion protection and increase the mechanical resistance of the surface. For connecting elements, the friction coefficient can be adjusted according to the international standards of the automotive industry.

  • Reliable corrosion protection for a long product life
  • High white rust resistance
  • Excellent looks
  • Friction coefficients adjustable according to the requirements of the automotive industry

Layer structure – thin-layer passivation

Layer structure – thick-layer passivation

The system consists of the metal coating from a weakly acidic electrolyte, a passivation which protects the zinc layer from white rust and, if needed, an additional sealant. The passivation is available in thin or thick layer versions, depending on the corrosion protection requirements. The sealant closes cracks and pores.

corrosion protection

HIGH QUALITY ZINC meets all standardised corrosion protection standards of the automotive industry according to ISO 6227 for zinc systems. By applying special passivations and sealants, these can be raised further. Using a self-developed thick-layer passivation, the corrosion protection is improved without further sealing compared to thin-layer passivation with 24 hours of white rust resistance to 96 hours resistance against zinc corrosion (ISO 6227).

If the thick-film passivation is extended with a special adaptive top coat, you can achieve corrosion protection of 168 hours with regards to white rust, and 360 hours (ISO 6227) against base metal corrosion.

The very efficient and non-sentitive sealants provide high resistance to impact and mechanical stress.

Suitable standards

ATE N 106 61.00
BMW GS 90010
Bosch N67F (xxxxx) *
Bosch N67F CM-ZN-2
Brose BN 562926-106 *
DAF W+O **240/**251
DBL 8451
DIN 50961
DIN EN ISO 19598
DIN EN ISO 50979
Festo FN 940070-3 *
Fiat 9.57405 *
Ford WX100 *
GME 00255
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