Products for hot degreasing of iron and steel parts, possibly non-ferrous metals

GC PREP 101 Surfactant mixture

  • Liquid cleaning additive for use in hot degreasing systems with variable builder components in a modular system
  • High emulsifying, dispersing and dirt carrying capacity
  • High flexibility and long service life thanks to the modular system
  • Ultra-filterable, with no need for silicate builder components
  • High degreasing effect, even at relatively low operating temperatures and short treatment times

GC PREP 103 Cleaner

  • Powdered form, strongly alkaline product for hot degreasing
  • Short treatment times
  • Possible to use at low temperatures
  • Long service life
  • Even removes stubborn dirt deposits
  • Suitable for cleaning iron, steel and non-ferrous metals

GC PREP 151 Cleaner

  • Powdered form, slightly alkaline dip degreasing agent
  • Suitable for all metals including zinc and aluminium
  • Silicate-free
  • Slightly foaming
  • Free of complexing agents

GC PREP 152 Builder

  • Liquid, silicate-containing, alkaline product to clean ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Excellent cleaning and dispersing power
  • Foam-free
  • Free of complexing agents

GC PREP 153 Wetting agent

  • Liquid, highly concentrated surfactant mixture for ultrasound and dip application
  • Highly suitable for enhancing the emulsion effect of GC PREP 15

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