Hillebrand Chemicals is specialised in the development and production of process chemicals for optimal cathodic corrosion protection which can massively increase the value and service lifetime of components. A part of the WHW Hillebrand Group, which operates across Europe, we can also call on the experience of a market leader in the coating industry. That is our core competence.

WHW Hillebrand performs the coatings and Hillebrand Chemicals performs the development – together a unique combination in the industry. More than 80% of the process chemicals used at WHW Hillebrand are developed and produced in-house. Our processes are brought to market maturity in the specialist departments and optimised for series application under real production conditions.

We know exactly how materials and chemicals behave with each other and how we can influence and control these interactions. Analyses, checks and monitoring the application technology in use for over 550 t of goods to be coated daily rounds off our knowledge.

You can benefit from this knowledge in many ways when you use our chemicals. In addition to the chemicals, we also provide consulting services for modern and effective application technology. This full service approach results in an increase in both quality and productivity. Hillebrand Chemicals is committed to the maximum possible protection of both resources and the environment.