In focus: Optimal solutions

With WHW360, we offer our customers nothing more and nothing less than a complete, all-round package for corrosion protection and surface coating.

WHW360 was developed with the aim of identifying the needs of our customers and translating them into a market-oriented solution.

This starts from the design, taking into account all the areas of competence, and runs out to series production – and beyond.

The advantages for our customers are obvious: Thanks to the precise interplay of the individual areas of competence within WHW Hillebrand and their holistic interaction, we cover almost every imaginable need for cathodic corrosion protection.

Over recent years, we have continuously expanded our range of services on offer before and after the coating process and invested in buildings, technologies, staff and capacities. Today, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of services in addition to our premium corrosion protective surfaces.

Our goal is to combine successive work steps. This enables our customers to optimise their supply chain. By shortening the transportation routes and with the speed advantage through in-house scheduling, we can reduce costs.

To be able to make the best use of these short distances, we have combined almost all our services in our full-service location in Fröndenberg.


It has always been our goal at WHW to provide solutions to our customers’ problems. In practice this means that we like to evaluate along with our customers the requirements and tasks which they need and we cannot currently offer “off the peg”. These are not just complex component geometries. We are also happy to develop component-specific sealing and after-treatment systems to achieve specific friction values, optical looks or corrosion performance, as well as new coating technologies or plant concepts. With WHW360 it is possible to collect and connect the individually required expertise within the company both quickly and effectively.

Material + installation

The influence of material and the mixed installation of different components on a coating process is immense. For this reason, many interactions must be considered. The different types of corrosion and their influence of all the components on each other can endanger the functionality of the complete assembly. For this reason, at WHW Hillebrand we not only take a look at the individual components, rather we take several looks on the entire assembly. We have been researching for years how different materials behave with our coatings as part of complex assemblies. Here, it is not only important to consider the various potentials of the individual components, but also to apply our knowledge of materials, microstructures, component geometries and the manufacturing processes of the components. Only in this way can we develop and produce reliable coatings.

Fastening elements

Our fastening elements receive important functionalities through coatings. Corrosion protection and the desired look are just two of them. The coating-related friction properties must interact as best as possible between different friction partners in order to meet the various requirements. For example, in repeated tightening behaviour. To win at this, you need clear measurements and the expertise to evaluate them correctly. Thanks to close cooperation with our customers and the departments within WHW360, short development times and optimal results are possible.

Hillebrand Chemicals

Our Research and Development unit, Hillebrand Chemicals, enables us to deliver on our ambition to offer exactly what our customers want. Tailor-made and from one source. This is chemical customising in its perfected form. Here, we have invested in a new, state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing facility which produces pre-treatment baths, electrolytes, passivation systems, sealing systems and modern, adaptive after-treatment systems. All product groups are developed using our experience as surface coaters and optimised on a production scale. In conjunction with WHW360, this creates unmistakable added value for our customers.


As technicians, we are practitioners. And practitioners are realists. We promise nothing that we cannot deliver. In this sense, we present our competence here with the conviction that it is always very good, in some areas even better than that. At any rate, we have always been prepared to do everything for our customers and their quality standards. For this reason, we use different plant technologies and coating processes which are individually tailored to the component geometry and other inherently important properties. At the same time, our plants are designed to be very high capacity. Our production lines are designed as coating systems with inline de-embrittlrmrnt ovens, or as patented horizontal coating systems with inline EDP coating, among other things.

Full service

Since we count ourselves among the companies to whom the attribute “Made in Germany” means a lot, our understanding of quality also means that the service is right. From the first contact meeting, through intensive technical dialogue before and during the production phase, to the comprehensive range of services relating to coating. Excellent, full service which is part of our working life. Just as important as the coordinated coating of your components are the following services, which include the location and the ability to install your component. Here, too, we have thought on your behalf. Flexible, precise and at the right time, additional processing steps are carried out after the coating process. On the one hand, they are aimed at maintaining the surface quality. On the other hand, they allow the transfer into the production processes on site. This includes thread locking, sorting, checking, assembling, order picking and consistent continuation of our customer orientation: Service as a full service.