Corrosion protection as maximum performance

Our claim: Best surface solutions in series production

WHW Hillebrand Group has been the leading company for cathodic corrosion protection for more than 80 years.

Using special, in some cases specially developed chemical as well as process technology surface solutions, we provide our customers with market advantages.

In efficient, state-of-the-art coating plants, we finish everything from bulk material through to geometrically very complex components.

We have specialised in particular on coating technologies and services for the automotive industry. Here, compared to many other industries, the highest standards and requirements for surfaces apply are demanded. WHW Hillebrand Group is the first choice for corrosion-protective and functionalising surfaces in Europe for many well-known automotive suppliers, especially the manufacturers of screws and fasteners as well as stamped and bending technology firms. In addition, WHW Hillebrand Group’s customers can also be found in all other branches of industry.

Especially zinc, zinc alloy and organic corrosion protection coatings as well as base coatings are used here. We have focused on the protective processing of mass-produced articles using zinc-nickel alloys and we are today the largest and most efficient provider.

The processes and chemical products used here are developed according to customer requirements in the WHW Hillebrand Group development centre in many cases and produced by Hillebrand Chemicals GmbH.

Numerous services before and after the coating process complete our range of services and offer our customers added value both technologically and economically.

Protection, functionality and looks in uncompromising quality – this is what distinguishes the production results of the WHW Hillebrand Group. To be able to sustainably ensure this high quality level, we have our own research and development unit as well as extensive know-how and competent and experienced employees to achieve continuous improvement of the coating technology.

Innovative: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Success for its customers.

We have never lost sight of this goal, indeed we have pursued it with great commitment and persistent consistency.

Company with culture

People make the difference

The leading position of WHW Hillebrand in cathodic corrosion protection is based on a corporate culture which is characterised by reliability, trust, competence and innovativeness of its employees.

In a constructive and cooperative culture, we involve our suppliers and customers and make our partnerships and business relationships sustainable, binding and, above all, personal. This is the only way to create a trusting atmosphere which allows us to bundle the strengths of each individual company and to turn them into very good products and services.

A key concern is the protection of the environment and of resources. Wherever there are opportunities to reduce emissions, to use energy and raw materials more efficiently for our production, we invest in their implementation.

Quality and environment

Quality means doing things right, right from the start

Our integrated management system covers quality management, environmental and energy management as well as occupational safety. This ensures the quality of all services according to the highest national and international requirements and the automotive industry (IATF). It uses methods, procedures and machines that meet the needs of our customers and are further developed through constant innovation. Preventative measures are at the forefront of error prevention, reducing the likelihood of errors and losses to a minimum.

Quality means doing things right, right from the start. “Quality” does not mean just any element or process of the company. The continuous improvement of quality, service and technology as well as the constant drive for cost reduction are important components of our innovative activity. The ultimate goal is the benefit for the company. With the continuous development of our corporate culture, we create the conditions for long-term corporate success as well as safeguarding jobs. Our highest creative potential comes from our employees. Our constant contact with higher education institutions helps us to always be a competent partner of our customers and suppliers.

Resource and energy efficiency

Avoiding the negative impact of our value creation on nature and environment comes from a long-established tradition: Very early on, we anchored the topic of environmental protection in our organisation, and our goal continues to be a role model and pioneer in this area. We reduce resource consumption and emissions and avoid waste. Our investments in operational environmental protection has led to a continuous increase in our resource efficiency. We are systematic and efficient in our use of energy. Waste prevention and recycling play a very important role. Things which are thought to be waste hide valuable resources which can be used intelligently.