On 15th February 2017, it was “Bye Wickede – Hello Wolfsburg!” for our trainees.

The first trainee specialist tour took us to our customer VW in Wolfsburg. We set off first thing in the morning from Wickede in a coach. On arrival in Wolfsburg, we participated in the very impressive factory tour through the various production areas.

Our guide showed us the punching shop, the body shop, the paint shop and the final assembly area. We could admire the “marriage” of body and engine close up while half-finished cars were transported above our heads. Over 6,000 robots are used in the entire production process, some of the areas are highly automated.

After the factory tour, we left the 6 km² factory premises where more than 50,000 people work and took our lunch in the Autostadt. In the afternoon we toured the car museum before starting the return journey to Wickede. We admired some rarities in the car museum – a VW Beetle made of cork and the famous VW camper vans.

The specialist tour to VW was a complete success for all that took part. We had the opportunity to get to know our customers better, and will be able to profit of our newly acquired knowledge in our daily work.