Inner layer bonding agent for PCB manufacture

EC THORN-BOND HL is an inner layer bonding agent for creating multilayers. It is based on hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid.

After treatment, it leaves behind a rough copper surface with a brown organic coating. A controllable layer thickness of the organic coating enables maximum adhesion values even with filled materials and special materials.

EC THORN-BOND HL is particularly economical thanks to its notably high copper absorption (high loading).

The system can be used horizontally and vertically.

System profile

  • Uniform brown structure
  • Excellent bonding agent for high-Tg and HF materials
  • Low etching rate
  • Controllable layer thickness organic coating
  • Nitric acid-free and peroxide-stabilised
  • Stable etching rate over its entire service life
  • Very low precipitation formation
  • Excellent filterability
  • Very high copper absorption (high loading)
  • Very low organic cargo (AOX and CSB)

Application profile

  • Can be applied horizontally and vertically
  • All components can be analysed

System additives

  • EC THORN-BOND 101A – Inner layer bonding agent A (Modifier)
  • EC THORN-BOND 102B – Inner layer bonding agent B (Promoter)
  • EC THORN-CLEAN AC – Acidic cleaner