Tin stripper for PCB production

EC SN-STRIP HL is a one-step stripper based on nitric acid. It is used to remove tin and tin-lead layers (metal resist) and the inter-metallic zone of copper surfaces and holes in PCB manufacturing. It is characterised by very high metal absorption (high loading).

With its low surface tension, it removes these layers even from the finest holes. By using special inhibitors, the copper surface remains shiny and then can be directly AOI tested.

Thanks to the residue-free removal, EC SN-STRIP HL supports fault-free application of end surfaces such as ENIG/ENEPIG, iSn, IAg or IPd.

System profile

  • Very high metal absorption (HL – High Loading)
  • One-step process
  • Removal of the inter-metallic zone included
  • Very fast and constant stripping speed
  • Low odour load (NOx)
  • Low precipitation formation
  • No copper oxidation for direct AO inspection
  • Low copper attack
  • Ammonium / fluoride / peroxide-free system
  • Single dosing component
  • Simple metering using a sealing spindle
  • Low surface tension resulting in good wetting of fine holes

Application profile

  • Low working temperature


EC SN-STRIP HL is a nitric acid-based tin stripper for PCB production with very high metal absorption. It strips tin from copper surfaces with minimal copper attack and can be applied both horizontally and vertically. It is free of fluorine compounds and does not tend to sedimentation. Thanks to its low surface tension, it is particularly good for stripping tin from PCBs with a high aspect ratio.

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