Metallising for PCB manufacture

EC NANOCARBITE LS process is a graphite-based, four-stage direct metallisation process that is free of precious metals. The system reliably, inexpensively and quickly metallises all known PCB materials and PCB designs.

EC NANOCARBITE LS Conditioner when used conditions a wide variety of polymers, ceramics and different grades of glass.

By using a protective colloid in the dispersion, it is stable against contamination with high valency cations. Thus, it promotes the highest possible and constant Debye length. The stable and low viscosity of < 3 mPas (dispersion) makes the colloid particularly suited for high-end use.

The use of the compactor enables the process of reliably metallising high-level rigid and flexible multi-layers. EC NANOCARBITE is free of cyanide, heavy metal, formaldehyde and complexing agents.

System profile

  • Through metallisation of all materials and designs
  • Free from cyanide, formaldehyde, complex forming agents and heavy metals
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving process
  • Low viscosity (<10 mPas) of the dispersion
  • HDI- and Blind Via compatible
  • Sturdy and developable conductive layer
  • Aging-stable (> 6 weeks), ultrasound-assisted conditioner
  • Stabilised graphite colloid
  • Compactor system for HDI and high-layer multi-layer
  • Low solids content

Application profile

  • Can be applied horizontally and vertically
  • Lower analysis effort (< 20 minutes per day)
  • Extremely fast process time of < 10 minutes

EC NANOCARBITE LS Conditioner – carbon conditioner

This conditioner was developed to prepare the holes before the carbon / graphite inclusion. It leaves a very high charge density on the glass/resin matrix which allows the subsequent carbon step to be applied with a lower solid content. Applications where 2 to 5 wt.% are recommended can be covered by the LS (Low Solids) conditioner with only 2 to 3.5 wt.%. This means the etching rate can be reduced and the risk of ring voids as well as back-etching at =< 18 µm inner layer thickness can be significantly reduced. Thanks to its homogeneous deposition, EC NANOCARBITE LS Conditioner promotes the adhesion of the copper sleeve. The known power loss, such as caused by the layering of surfaces or blind vias, are not observed using the EC NANOCARBITE LS Conditioner even after a few hours of production. It is therefore a very stable system.

EC NANOCARBITE LS Dispersion – carbon dispersion

EC NANOCARBITE LS Dispersion is a stable and very fine graphite colloid. The deposition is highly conductive and can be plated excellently. It deposits evenly on the conditioned hole pattern and is both conductive and adhesion-promoting. EC NANOCARBITE LS Dispersion is suitable for all common PCB designs.

EC NANOCARBITE LS Coagulant – carbon coagulant

This highly effective coagulant and wetting agent made of electro-statically bonded carbon was developed to apply a high-adhesive and conductive carbon layer to the glass / resin matrix of a PCB. Thanks to its coagulating properties, a wetted, even and electrically conductive layer is produced which is highly dense.

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