Zinc-nickel coatings with high-quality corrosion protection

Process: Zinc-nickel alkaline Application: Barrel and rack application

With PREMIUM SILVER we offer you a zinc-nickel surface system for mass-produced and rack goods which can be used wherever extremely high corrosion resistance with high temperature loads is needed, for example. The nickel content of between 12 % to 15 % in the coating system ensures first-class corrosion protection even after heat treatment. It meets the specifications of the automotive industry. Components with zinc-nickel coatings can therefore be used in engine compartments, axle fasteners and brake area in the automotive construction industry.

The system consists of a metal coating produced by zinc-nickel electrolytes with a homogeneous nickel incorporation rate between 12 and 15 %, a transparent passivation process and an additional sealing process which is applied to the passivation coating closing any cracks and pores at the same time. The sealants developed by us are tailored to our passivation systems, sustainably improve the corrosion protection and increase the mechanical resistance of the surface. For connecting elements, the friction coefficient can be adjusted according to the international standards of the automotive industry.

  • Excellent corrosion protection > 720 h according to DIN EN ISO 9227
  • Very well suited for complex dimensions
  • Homogeneous and overall silver appearance
  • Excellent resistance to white rust
  • Continuous temperature resistance at 180 °C
  • Uniform, low layer thicknesses

Layer structure

The surface consists of the alloy coating with a very homogeneously distributed nickel deposition rate between 12 and 15 %, a transparent passivation covering offering the best protection against greying and white rust and, depending on the requirements, a top coat or a sealant.

Our sealants and top coats are adaptively matched to the passivations and sustainably increase the corrosion protection and the surface hardness. Friction coefficients can be adjusted individually according to the requirements by the use of various friction agents.

Corrosion protection

PREMIUM SILVER sets standards in corrosion protection behaviour in relation to the layer thickness. Thanks to its high thermal load capacity without performance loss, PREMIUM SILVER is suitable for installation in engine bays, brake systems and exhaust systems.

The characteristically high hardness of the ZnNi alloy layer is advantages for abrasive and impact loads.

Futher zinc-nickel systems

Suitable standards

ATE N 106 61.00
BMW GS 90010
Bosch N67F (xxxxx) *
Bosch N67F CM-ZN-2
Brose BN 562926-106 *
DAF W+O **230/**239 *
DBL 8451
DBL 8466.10
DBL 9440
DBL 9441
DIN 50962
DIN EN ISO 19598
DIN EN ISO 50979
Festo FN 940070-3 *
Fiat 9.57409 *
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