Zinc-nickel coatings with a stainless steel look

Process: Zinc-nickel acidic Application: Barrel application and storage silo for long dimensions

PREMIUM PLUS is a new surface in the WHW Hillebrand range. Both its very high corrosion protection of a zinc alloy and also the high-quality, stainless steel-like appearance are achieved here by a complex process on steel and iron materials. Unlike materials made of high-grade stainless steel, extremely complicated geometries can be processed with PREMIUM PLUS as the selection can be based on classic ferrous alloys.

In subsequent treatment steps, passivations and sealants are applied. The formation of zinc corrosion only occurs after more than 360 hours (fol. DIN ISO 9227). Base metal corrosion only occurs after more than 720 hours in the salt spray test.

If desired, materials can be individually pre-treated or deburred to obtain an even more uniform surface.

In situations where stainless steels are either economically unjustifiable, or where they cannot be used for technical reasons, PREMIUM PLUS is a real alternative.

Layer structure

This high-gloss surface consists of the alloy coating with a very homogeneously distributed nickel deposition rate between 12 and 15 %, a silver-coloured passivation offering the best protection against greying and white rust and, depending on the requirements, a top coat, a sealant layer or a sealant with integrated lubricant.

Our sealants and top coats are adaptively matched to the passivations and sustainably increase the corrosion protection and the surface hardness. Friction coefficients can be adjusted individually according to the requirements by the use of various friction agents.

Corrosion protection

PREMIUM PLUS sets standards in corrosion protection behaviour in relation to the layer thickness. Thanks to its high thermal load capacity without performance loss, PREMIUMPLUS is suitable for installation in engine bays, brake systems and exhaust systems.

The characteristically high hardness of the ZnNi alloy layer is advantages for abrasive and impact loads.

Futher zinc-nickel systems

Suitable standards

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