Process: Zinc die-cast
Application: Barrel application

PREMIUM DIE CAST FINISH is a WHW Hillebrand process for direct passivation of zinc die-cast materials. Geometrically challenging materials, such as handle parts, classic frame articles or even typical mass-produced materials for barrel coating can be very effectively protected against corrosion even without previously being galvanised. Here, the articles are first pre-treated and then provided directly with a protective layer which protects against base metal corrosion for > 200 hours in the salt spray fog test in accordance with DIN ISO 9227.

Unlike conventional methods, organic sealants can be dispensed with without sacrificing performance. For this purpose, passivation and subsequent inorganic dipping are combined. The typical crack-like structures which appear in the applied passivation layer are filled and levelled with the functional polymer groups. High corrosion protection combined with a high quality look is the result of this zinc die-cast surface.

Wherever sealants are not able to be used or desired to be used for technical reasons, but above-average corrosion protection is necessary, PREMIUM DIE CAST FINISH is a convincing choice.

Layer structure

The system consists of a passivation and a post-dip solution which protects the cast component from zinc corrosion. The passivation penetrates into the pre-treated porous zinc die-cast surface and protects it against self-corrosion. The reactive post-dip solution then forms a thin protective layer and seals the surface completely.

Corrosion protection

The substrate is gently cleaned according to the specific material. Release agents from the casting process are effectively removed here. After an activation step, a thick-layer passivation takes place which, after the rinsing process, chemically binds with the functional groups of the inorganic post-dip solution. This develops the high corrosion protection.

Suitable standards

VW 13750 v111
VW 13750 v112