The product as a complete package

All R&D activities are carried out taking the following points into account:

  • Reach compliance
  • Raw material price development and availability
  • Protection of resources and the environment
  • Substitution of hazardous substances
  • Functionality
  • Standards
  • Application-specific requirements

Pre-treatment systems

Our technology centre places a very special focus on the development of innovative pre-treatment systems. Almost all the raw materials available on the market are subjected to a complex screening process so that finally the performance of the selection can be tested on industrially manufactured, real components – both in a drum and on frames. Only this corresponds to the 100 percent reality of an electroplating plant and is therefore used for our additives.

When formulating our degreasing additive GC PREP, great emphasis was placed on the product design and costs. This results in very high cleaning efficiency with moderate dosage, long service life and a very broad spectrum of action, optimal handling and dosage, fast solubility and simple analysis.


The development of innovative electrolyte systems is based on close contact with the customer and is passed directly to the Electrolytes department via a short communication chain. Here the desired requirements are checked, discussed and implemented so that the products and processes are constantly refined and optimised. In direct cooperation with the Passivation department, Technical centre and Analytics department, all relevant parameters of the complete process are monitored and managed for our customers, on site if desired.


The Passivation department stands for the development of modern passivation systems, optimisation of existing passivation systems, adaptation or new development to meet the customer’s wishes as well as the qualification of new raw materials for special optical and corrosion protection characteristics. In addition, “on-site” process optimisation and troubleshooting are also part of the remit.

This is achieved by a holistically composed team. It consists of technicians and scientists who always keep an eye on the overall process and who accompany the projects from the laboratory phase, through the technical centre until series production at the plant. As a link between the electrodeposited metal coating and sealing, or as a final processing step, we are always aware of our role and are in constant dialogue with our colleagues in the Electrolyte department and Sealing department or provide technical support to the manufacturing process. Benefit from our many years of experience and products that have been tested under real production conditions.

Sealing department

Sealing and paint systems have been subject to strongly changing requirements with regard to environmental, optical, corrosion protection and connecting aspects particularly over recent years. The increased complexity in the required coating functions has repeatedly demanded new technically based approaches to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction. Our contact with end customers maintained intensively, provides for current tasks and also for highly efficient design for contemporary products at the same time. The interdisciplinary work of all development departments is our success factor for highly developed, sophisticated coatings.