The right chemicals for our customer relationships

We attach particular importance to this at Hillebrand Chemicals. We provide our customers with comprehensive product information and deliver a responsive on-site service for customers and users. We deliver precise analysis services for samples and process baths with clear professional recommendations – binding, timely and professionally.

Directly on-site at the same level

Important information should be delivered where it can best be stored: In the minds of the experts. For precisely this reason we regularly send our technicians to meet the points of contact at your location. Substantial information exchange takes place at eye level and, above all, personally. It matters not if it is the details of the latest developments in the electronics industry, the introduction of new sophisticated products or their introduction and use.

We regularly facilitate process audits so that every step in the right place can be followed in subsequent application and all product information is available during the process checking review.

Individual technical service for every user

We work as an international partner with Asian and North American companies for technical information exchange, the latest developments and OEM requirements. In doing so, we provide a sound understanding of the manufacture of printed circuit boards including the associated system technology. We complete all necessary details to ensure common and specific standards and requirements for various classes of PCBs.

Our service staff bring extensive knowledge with them that they have acquired through in-house developments. Experienced technicians with knowledge from the areas of research and development, process optimisation and production are very well versed with our services and can easily convey and explain the extensive analysis technology provided by Hillebrand Chemicals.